Just hours away…

The official Fellsman start may still be a couple of days away but for the Fellsman team the event has already kicked off with food shopping trips, collection of vans and equipment and lots and lots of last minute paperwork. Tomorrow the Fellsman Committee and scores of helpers will decamp from their various abodes and take up residence at a number of locations that will be their home for the coming weekend. So we thought now would be a good time for a few quick updates and reminders.

Key Times

We thought that posting up a few times would help you plan your event:

Friday 17:30 – Shuttle buses will start running from the new car park. You can’t miss the bus stop, it’s all yellow and lit up like a Christmas tree. Please ensure you use these parking facilites and do not park on the roads surrounding the school.

Friday 18:30 – Threshfield reception opens for business.

Friday 19:00 – 22:00 – Kit check operates at Threshfield.

Friday 21:00 – 22:00 – Supper service

Friday 22:00 – Last shuttle bus from the Car Park to Threshfield.

Saturday 04:45 – Breakfast service starts

Saturday 05:15 – Shuttle buses will run from the car park to Threshfield for those arriving Saturday am. If you need to have your kit checked you need to be there to catch the first bus to Ingleton.

Saturday 05:45 – First bus leaves Threshfield for Ingleton.

Saturday 06:00 – Reception opens at Ingleton Community Centre.

Saturday 08:30 – The Start. Please be aware that latecomers will not be permitted to start.

Sunday 10:00 – Presentation of trophies and prizes at Threshfield.

Why not register with Runfurther?

If you are registering on Friday night take the time to visit the Runfurther display boards in the hall. For those who are already registered there will be the new leaderboard and team scores. For those not yet registered please sign up, it is FREE to join in. Karen Nash, last year’s Jim Nelson Trophy winner, will be there (unless we’ve hijacked her into helping with kit-check somewhere else in the hall) encouraging you to get involved . Runfurther will be bringing Romneys mint cake to give out to entrants.

And so it begins…

In order that we can process all the orders and get sorted the Online Entries page and Add Extras to Your Entry page will close at noon on Friday. We will still be checking the email account up to around 15:30, however after that you may be best trying to contact us via the Facebook page with any queries.

We look forward to seeing you at Threshfield on Friday night and at Ingleton on Saturday morning and wish you a safe journey to the Fellsman. Wishing the very best of luck to you all, the Fellsman Committee

3 days and counting…

Where is this week going? It seems Saturday will be upon us before we’ve had time to draw breath.

This is just a quick post to say that although the weather is not looking too bad for the weekend (mostly dry at least), it does look as if it is going to be a cold one, with the wind chill factor on the tops taking the temperature down into negative figures. Let’s be honest, it’s been snowing up in the Dales today!

Please take a moment to read our kit list and advice on clothing choices, and make sure that you have sufficient layers to stay warm and safe out there. I know we say it every year, but the Dales is a master at the quick change and it can be snowing at Dent while Threshfield basks in the sunshine. Please don’t understimate what the weather can throw at you in the course of 62 miles and 11,000 feet. After all it’s Yorkshire and we’re renowned for being awkward buggers!

Also, just to repeat that we do have entries available on the day (and now it doesn’t cost anymore to enter on the day than you pay in advance so there goes that excuse 😉 )

And, if you don’t fancy entering but could help us out on a roadside checkpoint for a few hours, we are always glad of extra bodies. Just Contact Us using the form on the site.

Keep checking back for any updates…

Deep breath now… One week to go!

Entries Available on the Day

So, first, with just a week to go, it’s important to say that it’s really not too late to enter if you find yourself at a loose end on the bank holiday weekend. It even comes with a built-in recovery day! We will have places available on the day so if the weather looks like it might be kind and you fancy an amble through some of the world’s most beautiful countryside please come along and enter. If you can enter beforehand online then so much the better but we will have entry forms to fill in on the day.

Handbook Omission: Points to Observe

Just a note to say that a number of you have queried the omission, in the Points To Observe in the handbook, of the information about navigating between the DODD FELL and FLEET MOSS checkpoints. This should not have been removed and the information listed on the website is correct, namely:  Between the DODD FELL and FLEET MOSS checkpoints, use the route through two gates, (at NGRs 851837 and 855836), following the track eastward to the road below FLEET MOSS. In previous editions of the handbook this route was listed as being beaconed but in fact this has not been the case for a number of years.

Patagonia Worn Wear Roadshow

In 2017 Patagonia will once again be bringing their Worn Wear Repair Roadshow to the Fellsman from Saturday lunchtime. Come visit their stall located in the school hall at the finish of The Fellsman at the Upper Wharfedale School in Threshfield, for free repairs on your busted zippers, rips, tears, buttons and more (they fix all brands). They’ll also show you how to make simple repairs on clothes that have a second life left in them.
*Fine print: the tour staff can fix about 20 garments per day, all repairs are made on a first come, first served basis. One repair per guest.

Reminder about parking and opening times

Just a reminder that all entrants wishing to park at Threshfield need to use the new parking facilities. We have made these arrangements in response to concerns raised about the number of cars parking along the road leading from the B6160 towards the school and on the school road itself in recent years. The new carpark is also hard standing so no more getting bogged down in a soggy field! Shuttle buses between the car park and the school will be operating from after 17:30 on the Friday until around 10pm depending on demand. there will be shuttle buses on the Saturday morning operating from just after 5am until the first bus leaves for Threshfield at 05:45. Anyone who has booked transport but not had their kit checked on the Friday evening needs to catch the first bus as later buses will be full.

Please note that although the buses to the school will be running from 17:30 on the Friday evening, the Fellsman reception does not open until 18:00. This is to allow us time to get the school ready for you. We thank you for your patience while you wait for us to open the doors.

Unable to enter but fancy being involved?

If injury has taken you out of the running for the 2017 event but you would like to experience the Fellsman from the other side of the fence, or even if you want to be involved but can’t face the thought of the cold and rain or think that 6 miles is more your kind of distance, please let us know. Despite the many, many volunteers who come back year after year, there is always that regular who is suddenly called upon to go to a wedding, or can’t get time off work. We are always in need of volunteers out on the checkpoints, marshalling the Whernside path, or down at Threshfield HQ. Please send us a message via the Contact Us page (not via Facebook please) and see a whole new side to the Fellsman!

That’s all for now! Keep checking back for any last minute updates…

Updates: 3 weeks and counting…

Hello…Latest updates from the world of the Fellsman with literally 3 weeks to go until the 2017 event, committee and staff are running around to ensure everything is in place for a smoothly running event and hopefully that the weather gods will smile on us!

Places still available…

First of all, just to let you know that we still have some places available for anybody who may want to experience the Fellsman for themselves and will have some available on the day for anyone making that last minute ‘what am I going to do this unexpectedly free weekend bank holiday‘ decision.  If you are still in two minds about entering why not give it a whirl. If you are a keen cyclist too you could couple it with a walk down to the Tour de Yorkshire route…

Ah, yes. About that…

Tour de Yorkshire 2017 (TdY)…

As you may be aware the Tour de Yorkshire is taking place the same weekend as the Fellsman and the route will be passing close to the finish of our event on the Sunday. Whilst the event doesn’t actually get into Grassington itself, it does pass along the main road back towards Skipton and will result in a rolling road block operating on that road for a period of time between 1pm – 2pm on the Sunday afternoon.  As a result competitors / staff / spectators leaving Threshfield intending to travel on the B6265 towards Skipton may want to look at an alternate route; such as the B6160 towards Hebden and Stump Cross Caverns (for those travelling towards Harrogate/A1). Alternatively, for those travelling towards Skipton, when the the road is closed at the junction where the Linton/Burnsall road joins the B6265, you can wait and cheer on the pelaton as they pass, then follow behind the rolling roadblock.  We will have more up to date information on the timings during the Sunday, and will post notices up in the hall to keep you informed.  At this time you may be better placed to wait for it to pass by. You can find out more about the Tour stage 3 route here and the projected timings for Stage 3 here.

New parking arrangements at Threshfield (Update)…

Further to last month’s post around the new car parking facilities at Threshfield we are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide a limited transport provision from the new car park to Threshfield school on Saturday morning. The shuttle buses will run from approximately 05:00 up until the first Ingleton bus leaves at 06:00. As with previous years we ask anyone coming to Threshfield on the Saturday morning intending to catch the bus up to the start to ensure that they are at Threshfield in order to catch the 06:00 bus. This will ensure you reach the start in time to complete the compulsary equipment check at Ingleton. As spaces on Ingleton-bound buses are allocated on a first come-first served basis, later buses are very likely to be full.

We ask again that, out of consideration for local Threshfield residents on whose goodwill we depend, entrants please park only in the new car park and not on any of the roads surrounding the school.

Last Map Shop Orders…

Our resident shopkeeper would like to advise you that last shop orders for maps to be posted out will be the 20th April to allow him to get them in the post in time for you to receive them before the event. Please don’t worry though, there will be maps available in the shop at Threshfield on the Friday night, and at Ingleton on Saturday morning, if you still need to purchase one before the event.

And finally…

Fellsman Start 1966

Grassingtom Square. L-R. Mike Squires, W L Midgley, Charley Cox, Phil Carroll, David Petyt (Organiser) Syd Dewhirst, Mike Bottomley, David Whortley. Front, Phil Coventry, Alec Marshall, John Autherson

If you find yourself at a loose end over the Easter break, or maybe just want a quiet hour, please check out the new archive results for the 1960s and 1970s that have very generously been sent to us by David Petyt, a former Fellsman Hike Organiser (as it was back in the day). He can be seen here in Grassington Sqaure at the start (yes, the route ran the other way orginally) in 1966 on the 5th Fellsman.

Please check back regularly over the next three weeks for any last minute updates.