A week to go – the long post…

With the Fellsman only a week away we have lots of knowledge to impart and updates to bring you. Bear with us, this is going to be a long one!

Can you help?

Firstly, our usual call out for anyone who might be willing to help out on the event even if just for a couple of hours. We are always looking for volunteers, the more the merrier being our philosophy, and this year we are looking for people who might be willing to put in a few hours at Yarnbury checkpoint, the last roadside before the finish. A great opportunity to see the entrants coming in with just a couple of miles to their final goal. Another place where we can always use more hands is in the kitchen – keeping it running continuously from Saturday am through to Sunday lunchtime is a major task, so any help serving the meals and keeping on top of the washing-up is very gratefully received.

Online Entries

Online entries will be closed at midnight on Thursday however you will continue to be able to add extras to the entry such as supper, breakfast or transport until noon on Friday. This is to give us chance to process the last orders before we head up into the Dales on Friday afternoon. Do not despair however if you make a last-minute decision to enter, entries on the Friday evening at Threshfield up to 22:00 and entries on the day at Ingleton will be accepted at a cost of £40 (cash only please).

Map Orders

As you may have seen from the Facebook post advance orders for maps closed at midnight on Friday 20th April to allow sufficient time for dispatch and delivery, however the maps will be available for sale for £10 at Threshfield and Ingleton on the weekend and we have loads so no worries about running out. The maps are also pre-marked up with checkpoint locations to aid you with your route planning if you don’t get your hands on one until just before the event.


We’ve had several enquiries about the requirement for the emergency poncho and where you can get them. Well, they are available online, however we also stock them in the shop at Threshfield on Friday evening and at Ingleton prior to the start for the very reasonable cost of £4 each. As with the maps we have loads in stock so no worries about not being able to pick one up there if you need one.


Can I just draw your attention to the previous post about the Felltrack system that we use for tracking your progress around the route. If you would like your friends and family to check on where you are during the event it can accessed as a guest at https://felltrack.com/fellsman2018/. It makes fascinating reading I can tell you…

Ingleton Teashop

In order to assist the staff at the teashop in Ingleton we are asking if customers can try not to pay for items with notes and use change instead. To help this we are pricing everything at either 50p or £1.

The Fellsmenu

Here in Fellsman land we strive to feed as many of you as possible, whatever your dietary needs may be.  We’ve always provided vegetarian options where possible, Gluten Free options in as many places as possible, and to cover all options a system where you can have your own food parcels delivered to the roadside checkpoints.  To make planning for this easier, we will be posting a detailed list of what is where (and can be eaten by who!) in the next day or so – keep a look out!  And don’t forget to get in touch if you intend to take advantage of any of it, as supplies of GF / vegan food will be limited in places, and we need to know whose food parcels to look out for.


This year we are providing green recyling bags at every roadside checkpoint and around Threshfield – please recycle what you can and help us be green…

Car Parking

Parking for the event at Threshfield is being provided again this year at the Quarry car park. This is the only parking available to entrants and we ask that in the interests of maintaining good relations with the residents of Threshfield you do not park on any of the roads surrounding the school.

Shuttle Buses

As you will see in the schedule below we will be running a regular shuttle bus service from the Quarry car park to Threshfield throughout Friday evening and on Saturday morning. There will also be a shuttle bus service operating to take entrants back to their cars. If you require a shuttle back to the car park, please let the Threshfield reception staff know and they will organise it.

And finally…

Last year we posted a schedule to help you plan your event and rather than sending you back through old posts we thought it was worth posting again. Please take careful note of the instructions regarding buses to Ingleton on Saturday morning…


  • 17:30 – Shuttle buses will start running from the Quarry car park we instigated last year. You can’t miss the bus stop, it’s all yellow and lit up like a Christmas tree. These are the only parking facilities on the event so please do not park on the roads surrounding the school.
  • 18:30 – Threshfield reception opens for business.
  • 19:00-22:00 – Kit check operates at Threshfield.
  • 21:00- 22:00 – Supper service.
  • 22:00 – Last shuttle bus from the Car Park to Threshfield.


  • 04:45 – Breakfast service starts.
  • 05:15 – Shuttle buses will run from the Quarry car park to Threshfield for those arriving Saturday am. If you need to have your kit checked at the start you need to be there to catch the FIRST bus to Ingleton (departing at 05:45). There will be NO available seats on later buses as they are reserved for those who have already had their kit checked on Friday evening.
  • 05:45 – First bus leaves Threshfield for Ingleton.
  • 06:00 – Reception opens at Ingleton Community Centre.
  • 08:30 – The Start. Please be aware that latecomers will NOT be permitted to start.


  • 10:00 – Presentation of trophies and prizes at Threshfield

We will still be checking the email account up to around 15:30 on Friday, however after that you may be best trying to contact us via the Facebook page with any queries.

We look forward to seeing you at Threshfield on Friday night and at Ingleton on Saturday morning and wish you a safe journey to the Fellsman. Wishing the very best of luck to you all, the Fellsman Committee.

P.S. Keep checking back throughout the week as we may have further last-minute information to impart…