24/04 Update: The Mike Wooding Memorial Award & Places Still Available

It’s Fellsman Friday!

last minute countdown 24-04-2015I know you are all very busy putting the final preparations to your kit (if you are not already en route to the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales) but as a final post before the big day we wanted to remind you of a special trophy that is awarded to someone nominated by you: The Mike Wooding Memorial Award.

Mike Wooding, a Fellsman veteran, died unexpectedly in 2006 having held the coveted number 1 tally in the 2006 Fellsman. The trophy, awarded for the first time in 2007, was donated by his friends in memory of his inspiration and support to other competitors on the event. This award is presented to an individual competitor or support volunteer who typifies Mike’s love for the challenge of the Fellsman and who has performed something exceptional and noteworthy during the event.

Every year we ask you the competitors, who can understand the unique challenges the Fellsman presents, to nominate someone to receive this award. So if, this year there is someone, who you feel has gone that extra mile and deserves to be awarded this trophy please fill in a nomination form and let us know, alternatively send us an email to the usual address or send us your nomination via the Contact Us page. There will also be copies of the nomination form available at the finish so if you feel inspired there and then just fill one out and drop it in the feedback box. The committee will consider the nominations and the winner will be announced via the handbook and website ready for the trophy to be awarded in person at the 2016 event.

Lastly, as we are now packing up to make the move to Threshfield  and will be unable to process online orders, we have removed the ability enter online or to book additional items like transport, breakfast and supper for existing entries. However, if you wish to enter or have any transport, supper or breakfast requirements please send us an email via the Contact Us page or at event@fellsman.org.uk as we will be monitoring this throughout the day. There are places available on the event and entry forms will be available to complete at Threshfield this evening and at Ingleton in the morning. If you are planning on entering tomorrow please arrive early to allow plenty of time for us to process your entry and for your kit to be checked (registration opens at Threshfield at 18:30 this evening and Ingleton check-in on Saturday opens at 06:00). The cost of entry on the weekend is £42 and exact cash or cheques would be appreciated.

See you all very soon.

The Fellsman Committee

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