Countdown to the 54th Fellsman: A new way to display your tally…

The Fellsman route by Jon Laye More information coming soon

The Fellsman route in pen and ink
by Jon Laye

With the countdown to the 2016 Fellsman about to begin in earnest we thought we would like like to wet your appetite by also officially launching the new Fellsman artwork that graced the post announcing the date of the 2016 event.

Many of you have commented on the stunning image which was hand drawn by a friend of the Fellsman, Dr Jon Laye, for whom this almost constitutes doodling! Our event administrator, who works as a scientist with Dr Laye in her other, non-Fellsman life, spotted some of the artistic doodling of Dr Laye during a particularly long meeting and asked whether, provided with one of the Fellsman anniversary maps, he could come up with some kind of Fellsman route figure that we could use. This was the result… minus the property of the Fellsman watermark and Fellsman Logo of course. But he didn’t stop at one. In addition to the fantastic pan and ink version he also produced the stunning water colour below.

Fellsman Route - Watercolour

We are very pleased to announce that we would like to make the first of these two images, the pen and ink drawing, available for you to buy, as a print.

The print measures 10 inches high x 24 inches wide and the centre section, which has been left blank is the perfect Mounted and framed pen_finalisedsize to mount your coveted finishers tally as illustrated with a blank tally to the right. The cost of the unmounted print is £25 including post and packing for destinations inside the UK and £32 including post and packing for destinations outside the UK.

The print can be purchased from our fledgling Online Shop which we hope over the next few months will offer more items which are currently ordered using the paper shop order form.

Now on to the really important stuff…The Fellsman online entries for 2016 will open tomorrow (January 1st) as usual, however unlike last year we will not be advertising a launch time, as the rush of entries we received caused the email account to crash causing much consternation for both the entrants and organisers who were worried their entries had been lost. The online entry pages will reappear sometime after midnight so please keep checking back tomorrow. We are hoping to manage all the entries online this year using PayPal payments but if you can’t enter this way please let us know via email or the Contact Us page. We will hold back a limited number of places for postal entries until the end of January after which time they will be opened up to those entering online.


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