Important Upgrade to Fellsman Website Security

We hope you all had a relaxing Christmas and have the extra mince pie calories figured into your training regime.

We have been hard at work between the Christmas pudding, mince pies and trifle and have taken steps to apply an SSL certificate to the website. This ensures all interaction with the website is secure between your browser and our server. We have done this to increase the protection of your personal data on submission of entries and correspondance via the Contact Us page.

You should not have to do anything (our server is configured to force all links to migrate transparently), but you should now see a padlock next to the address bar on your browser. We have tested access to the site using Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge without any issues

Please let us know via the Contact Us page or the fellsman email if you do encounter any problems.

We look forward to receiveing your entries on the 1st!

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