3 days and counting…

Where is this week going? It seems Saturday will be upon us before we’ve had time to draw breath.

This is just a quick post to say that although the weather is not looking too bad for the weekend (mostly dry at least), it does look as if it is going to be a cold one, with the wind chill factor on the tops taking the temperature down into negative figures. Let’s be honest, it’s been snowing up in the Dales today!

Please take a moment to read our kit list and advice on clothing choices, and make sure that you have sufficient layers to stay warm and safe out there. I know we say it every year, but the Dales is a master at the quick change and it can be snowing at Dent while Threshfield basks in the sunshine. Please don’t understimate what the weather can throw at you in the course of 62 miles and 11,000 feet. After all it’s Yorkshire and we’re renowned for being awkward buggers!

Also, just to repeat that we do have entries available on the day (and now it doesn’t cost anymore to enter on the day than you pay in advance so there goes that excuse 😉 )

And, if you don’t fancy entering but could help us out on a roadside checkpoint for a few hours, we are always glad of extra bodies. Just Contact Us using the form on the site.

Keep checking back for any updates…

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