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The view from the cheap seats? Hardly!
The Whernside checkpoint looking back towards Ingleborough. Photo courtesy of Nick Burns 2017
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First a message from our event organiser, Suzanne Carter…

Well, the dust has settled on the 55th Fellsman and time for reflection is kicking in. The success of the event is always defined to the committee as having supported as many people as possible as far around the route as was possible given the conditions and individual’s circumstances. At the same time, our aim is to have given them as positive an experience as possible as well.

It certainly seems as though we have achieved that aim judging by the wealth of positive feedback we have received on here, in person on the weekend and via other means. As has been quite rightly acknowledged by so many of you, it is the people who make our event the special one that it is – the army of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who give up their weekend to sit/walk/work in inhospitable conditions undertaking tiring, lengthy jobs to enable the miles to be ticked off via the punching of the treasured disc of plastic known as our ‘tally’.

In the land of post-Fellsman for the committee, we have stacks of equipment to sort and tidy ready for next time, certificates and results to sort so they can be posted out to you all and a debrief to hold in a fortnight to share the successes of this year’s event and the things to work on for next year. With this in mind, we would welcome your feedback about the strengths of our event (many of you have done so already) and also your constructive critique in order that we can improve our ‘service’ for next year. Please contact us via the usual channels.

I hope that your aches and pains, tiredness, blisters and wind burn dissipate quickly and that all you are left with are positive memories of your Bank holiday in the (amber warning!!) ‘sunny’ Yorkshire Dales on our little event. Spread the word amongst your friends and pencil in our provisional dates for 2018 – 28th & 29th April – on your calendar.

Thanks again folks,
Event Organiser.

Now, on to the results of the 55th Fellsman… they are up! You can find them under the 2017 page on the Results tab.

We will be meeting shortly at one of our famous Committee ‘Stuff and Stick’ events in order to pair up your precious certificates and tallies and send them back to you. These events used to be called ‘Lick and Stick’ in days before self-adhesive stamps and envelopes. I’ll let you imagine the state of the Committee after licking the back of 400 envelopes and stamps. No wonder these events are normally accompanied by food and beer…

Keep checking back for more updates…

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