A post about ponchos…

So, those of you have entered should have received this year’s handbook, all bright and glossy, and filled with important information; apart from one important ommission. Yes, the handbook gremlins have visited again despite the fact that this year every member of the committee read the darn thing from cover to cover before it went to the printers. What is missing? Well, one eagle-eyed entrant has pointed out that there is a discrepancy between the kit list in the hand book and that on the website, specifically lack of item 5j ‘an emergency hooded, foil hypothermia poncho’. The handbook editor holds his hands up and admits it is an oversight on his part that he failed to spot the addition of the poncho into the kit list on the website and thus didn’t update his working copy of the handbook with the new information.

The uphot is that, with regards to the kit list the list given on the website is correct, and the emergency hooded, foil hypothermia poncho is a required kit list item. To the best of our knowledge, apart from the odd disputed Oxford comma and semi-colon (even the grammer pedants among us can’t agree exactly what the right usage of those is), all the rest of the information in the handbook is correct.

In other news, we still have places available and will be accepting online entries until the evening of Thursday 26th April and will be taking entries on the day. If you are intending to enter on the day the entry fee will remain £40 and cash or cheques payable to ‘The Fellsman’ will be accepted.

Keep checking back for further updates. We are hoping we might see the faintest sign of Spring by the weekend but  suggest, after this Easter weekend’s weather, you might want to add skis to your kit list just in case…

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