2018 Results are up…

Ingleborough and Hill Inn checkpoint. Juliette Moor 2018

So the 56th Fellsman arrived in, uncharacteristically, a blaze of sunshine (albeit accompanied by a blast of cold April winds), and at 8:30 on Saturday morning 341 hardy souls took to the rather boggy fells to battle their way over 61 miles and 11,000 feet of Yorkshire’s finest countryside. Almost 29 hours later the last entrant crossed the line to gain the final punch of the final tally. Quite a lot happened inbetween, and hopefully we’ll bring you some photos and stories of some of those hardy souls over the next few weeks. However in the meantime the bit everyone wants to know is when are the official results coming out? Well, that would be now. You can find them on the 2018 results page.

Everyone on the Fellsman Committee would like to thank all the marshalls, checkpoint teams and army of volunteers without which the event could not run for their amazing dedication and efforts over the weekend. We would also like to thank all the entrants who give us a reason to lose sleep, sit on hill tops in tiny tents, cook a thousand rashers of bacon and become seriously concerned about the movement of cheese stocks around the Dales. As always it was a pleasure to look after you and we hope you are recovering from your own cases of Fellsman Fatigue Syndrome!

Keep checking back for more updates after we’ve all caught up on sleep…

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