2019 Results Online!

Competitors of the 57th Fellsman gather, ready for the off…

It’s been a week. Hopefully you have recovered well from the rigors of the 57th Fellsman. It certainly was a challenging one weather-wise, with the weather gods clearly fighting it out for who would have the last laugh. Setting off under ominous skies and in cold rain, I think it threw everything at you – wind, rain, hail, and glorious sun. For those of you who fought overnight to come in on Sunday morning you will know that the sunshine won, even though it was still ‘reet parky in t’wind’.

Sorry for the delay getting the results out – real life got in the way (not to mention a blistering case of Fellsman Fatigue Syndrome – not to be underestimated) and we wanted to make sure we had checked all the waiting times we had recorded had been properly applied. To the best of our knowledge the results and timings given are correct.

This year’s results can be found on our 2019 Results page. The Felltrack split times will be posted shortly.

The Fellsman Committee is getting together later this month to have our usual debrief meeting, where we look at what went right, what went wrong and if we can use the lessons learnt to improve the event next year. We would like to thank you for all the excellent feedback we’ve received and are delighted that so many love the event as much as we do, but we are always grateful for constructive feedback if you think we can make the Fellsman even better.

Following the debrief meeting we will be posting out your tallies and certificates to add to your collection.

A month off and then we’ll start the whole process again, organising the 58th Fellsman. The provisional date for the 2020 event will be the 25th and 26th April 2019 (subject to confirmation) and entries will open on 1st January 2020 as usual. Please tell your friends, spread the word – we’d love to have a field of 500 to start in 2020!

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