It’s 2020 and entries for the 58th Fellsman are open!

It’s New Year’s Day. It is time… it really doesn’t feel like a year since this happened, but hey.  Time flies…

The entries for the 58th Fellsman, 25th and 26th April 2020 are now open.  You can access the online entries system from the Online Entries tab at the top or following this link. Hopefully you’ll not all rush at once, our email system really doesn’t like it!  The entry fee this year is £50, which is an increase on last year, but is still fantastic value for such an event.  All extras – transport, meals, maps – remain at 2019 prices.

When you enter, you will receive 2 emails – one from us, with a copy of your submitted entry form, and one from PayPal confirming your payment.  These are your confirmation of entry.  Here’s where it will change slightly this year – we need to talk about the Handbook…

Usually, we send out handbooks by the end of March, individually labelled with your entrant number.  We leave it later and later each year to order them, in an attempt to not have too many left over after the event, but every year we have loads.  So, this year we’re taking a different approach.

On the entry form, you will find a tick box to request a hard copy of the Handbook  if you really want one,  which you will be able to collect at registration.  We will publish all the useful / relevant information on the website before the event.  This way, we can get an accurate number printed just before the event, hopefully cut down on wastage, and maybe save a tree. As a group, we are constantly looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly, and cut down on single use plastics etc., so we hope you will understand!

When entering, don’t forget to order and pay for any extras you will need.  These, along with the entry fee, will need adding to your PayPal basket before checking out.  If you forget anything, you can pay for them before the event by following the Adding Extras to An Existing Entry tab at the top of the page.  Maps are available to purchase through the same link, but the rest of the shop is closed for a revamp.  Keep an eye for our clear out clothing sale happening later in January on our fb page / group!

The land use restrictions from last year are still in place, and the post pinned to the news carousel gives you all the details for this.  All in all, it worked well and solved a problem, so we see no point in changing it for now.

I think that’s it for now.  I look forward to processing your entries in due course.  If you have any queries,  please email us using the contact form, and we’ll answer as soon as we can.

Our very best wishes for this new year,
The Fellsman Committee

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