1st (and hopefully last!?) Virtual Fellsman

Fellsmen, Fellsmen Assemble!

April without a little (!?) Fellsman madness is, quite frankly, wrong. So, it’s time to think outside the box¹, and raise some money for a worthwhile cause² at the same time.

We’ve devised The First (and hopefully last?!) Virtual Fellsman, which will take place this weekend on FaceBook in the newly created Fellsman Group ‘1st (and hopefully last!?) Virtual Fellsman‘. Ultimately it’s just about getting everyone – entrants, staff/volunteers, committee, spectators – online in one place to interact instead of at the event itself.

Ooooo, I imagine you cry! That sounds fun! But how will it work? Let me try and explain. Bear with me…

Each stage of the event will be represented by a post in the group at an appropriate time, and taking part in that stage of the event will be by commenting on that post.

The route³ will be listed in sections by distance, so anyone wanting to physically participate can break it down into multiples of whatever is available – circuits of backyards, flights of stairs, or if you live somewhere suitable, circuits of your exercise run. These can be kept track of by any digital means.

Entries⁴ opened with a post on Thursday. By posting in there, you will be entered into a special version of Felltrack, our bespoke tracking system, and by Saturday issued with a link and password so you can check-in to checkpoints as you complete the required distance. Checkpoints will only open when it is possible for the distance to have been covered! Felltrack will keep running for longer than the usual 30 hrs, for how long will depend on how it’s going, to give entrants a chance to break it down over days. Watch this space for fine tuning here…

Now, I don’t know about you, but at this point in life, 60+ miles sounds like a lot of effort! So, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get involved in less physical ways too, starting with…

Kit check – what would be your ideal kit? Fantasy kit? Comedy kit? Submit your photos for evaluation by our kit check officer on the Kit Check Now Open post on Friday night! Chat to others you’d normally catch up with, laugh at choices of kit, share memories…

I did some maths, to convert the event into steps for all the distances between checkpoints, and there’s some numbers for ascent/descent too if anyone wants them. No correcting my maths please, it all made sense at 3am so I’m going with it…

Our chosen charity is Manorlands Emergency Appeal, our local Sue Ryder hospice, please share the link (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/The-Fellsman) if you’re taking part (in any capacity) – let’s help a vital part of our community in these unprecedented times.

I’m looking forward to catching up⁵ with you all this weekend. It’s never too late to enter and get involved, so head on over to Facebook and join in the fun!

Shona (on behalf of the Fellsman Committee)

¹or in this case, very much inside the box…
²Manorlands, a Sue Ryder hospice in Oxenhope near Keighley
³yes I know there’s not officially a route
⁴entries will just be by name, for those who declare they are planning on clocking up actual distance
⁵in a totally figurative sense, obviously. My involvement will firmly be from my sofa 😎


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