30 days to go….

Fleet Moss 30th March 2022 (photo: North Yorkshire Weather Updates)

April is here! That means The Fellsman is creeping ever closer….

The British Spring has been on fine form in its first ten days, with temperatures ranging from extremely pleasant double figures last week, to snow today… pictured below is Fleet Moss yesterday (31st March) and Ingleborough (30th). With this in mind, when planning your kit please make sure where possible you err on the caution as we have a stringent kit list for a reason 😜 and don’t forget our Secret Kit Check, which could be anywhere on the route. We take Adequate Kit seriously 😎

If you’re still on the fence about entering, you might want to also bear this in mind – we’ve removed the Grouping Rule. Yes, you read that right. It’s been relegated to ‘In Case Of Emergency’, which also means no waiting times… We’d still like to actively encourage you not to solo walk in the hours of darkness, but with the addition of trackers to all our existing safety systems, we feel now is the time. We of course reserve the right to reintroduce it should the weather deteriorate, which brings us back to the kit list… the full details of which can be found here

Keep an eye out for more updates as April progresses. Please share our posts – there’s still time to enter!

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