Accomodation Questions

Below are some typical questions we get asked about accommodation for the event.

Is there somewhere I can spend the night?

We set aside the school hall for entrants to sleep in on Friday night and after they have returned to the Finish later on Saturday or on Sunday. The male entrants sleep on the hall floor and the females sleep on the stage which is curtained off.

If you want to stay on Friday night please tick the box on you entry form to help us plan, you can also order a supper for the Friday night at the same time.

If you plan to arrive on the Friday evening we ask that you do so between 19:00 (7pm) and midnight, supper is served until 22:30 (10:30pm).

I can’t sleep in a hall with strangers, what local accommodation is available?

There are a number of Bed and Breakfast establishments near the Finish in Threshfield. Below are two links you could try. Threshfield is the ‘hamlet’ where the school is located, Grassington may also be an option as it is only a mile away and is larger.

We have also added a list of accommodation in the local area here

I can’t get up early, what about stopping near the start?

We suggest this isn’t a good idea since the route is not circular and there is no direct public transport service between the finish and the start, getting back to your car may be a problem. We do provide transport from the finish to the start on Saturday morning but not at any other time during the weekend.

Obviously if you have a driver who is not entering the event then this may be a possibility, you could try the local Tourist Information center for more details.

We have also added a listing of accommodation in the local area here.

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