Chop Times

What are these ‘chop times’ and why are they needed?

A time limit is imposed on entrants taking part in the event. Times are defined for some of the later roadside checkpoints, and anyone arriving at these checkpoints after the specified time will be compulsorily retired or withdrawn. These times are referred to as “chop times”.

The chop times for each of these roadside checkpoints are:

  • Fleet Moss: 0600 hours Sunday
  • Cray: 0800 hours Sunday
  • Park Rash: 0900 hours Sunday
  • Yarnbury: No chop time
  • Threshfield (finish): No chop time

There are no chop times applied to hill top checkpoints because it is not possible to retire or withdraw at a hill top checkpoint.

The reason for the chop times is that the staff operating the event still have a lot of work to do after the event is completed, and Threshfield School needs to be handed back in a good state. With these chop times, typically the last entrant will arrive back at around 1300, so these times could not reasonably be any later.

In reality, anyone arriving at Cray just before the chop time is unlikely to make it to Park Rash in time to continue to the finish.

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