Transport Questions

Transport Questions

What happens if I can’t complete the event?

If you reach a roadside checkpoint, and for what ever reason, feel you can not continue you have two options:

  • Retire from the event – If you choose to retire we will ensure you are transported to the finish via mini-buses we provide for this situation. We can not promise that you will be returned immediately as we keep the vans in the field to respond to emergencies as required. You may still spend a couple of hours on the bus and the bus may even relocate to another checkpoint before you are delivered to the finish. During this time you have not been forgotten about, but if you feel that you state is deteriorating let the driver know and he’ll have a word with the control staff to see what can be done.
  • Withdraw from the event – If you choose to withdraw you are saying you will arrange your own transport from the checkpoint and are effectively leaving the event at that point. If you choose to withdraw you will be asked to sign a form to say you are withdrawing and taking responsibility for yourself from that point on.

In both cases you will be asked for your tally which will be returned to you with your copy of the results after the event. We take your tally as part of our safety procedure as we use it to check that all hikers are accounted for at the finish.

Obviously the above can only happen at a roadside checkpoint. If you are taken ill or are injured on the hills we will try to locate you ourselves, but should the need arise we will not hesitate to call the Mountain Rescue and other emergency services.

Can the retirement bus drop me off at [insert place here]?

Unfortunately the drivers do not have the withdrawal paperwork with them. This can only be done at a checkpoint, but you can withdraw at another checkpoint if you wish, just have a word with your driver and he’ll take you to the Checkpoint Officer who can sort out the paperwork.

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