Equipment Questions

My boots/shoes are [insert make/model here], are they OK?

It is impossible to give an answer to this on a website, via email or over the phone. Rule 3 states:

Footwear must satisfy the requirements of the Equipment Check Officer. The criteria are as follows:
– They are in first class condition. Footwear which is misshapen or worn will not be accepted.
– They have been manufactured for the purpose of fell walking, fell running or have an acceptable type of studded sole. Plimsoles, Road Running training shoes, etc. will not be accepted.


We think the rules are fairly clear but obviously the condition and the level of wear is always open to interpretation. Basically the best advice we can give is, if you are not sure whether your footwear is of a good enough quality, bring a second pair just in case your favourite pair are deemed not good enough.

There is really no way we can pass judgement before the weekend, sorry.

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