Navigation Questions

Navigation Questions

What maps do I need?

This is a tricky question to answer as the current sheets keep changing. To simplify the rules only the current sheet references have been included, if you have older maps these are acceptable so long as they cover the route. The following map combinations are acceptable:

  • Ordnance Survey Landranger sheet 98 (1:50000 scale)
  • Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure sheets 2 (Yorkshire Dales Western area), 10 (Yorkshire Dales Southern area), 30 (Yorkshire Dales Northern & Central areas) (1:25000 scale)
  • Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure sheets 2 (Yorkshire Dales Southern & Western areas), 30 (Yorkshire Dales Northern & Central areas). These maps have since been renamed Ordnance Survey Explorer OL2 and OL30. (1:25000 scale)
  • Harvey Outdoor Maps Dales West and South. (1:40000 scale)

The sections underlined are the currently available maps (at the time of writing).

Route cards printed from your PC mapping software are not acceptable, nor are strips of maps cut down to save weight or space. If you are carrying the complete map and get lost at least we are confident your location is still covered by your map, carrying A4 printouts and the like will not guarantee this.

Can I carry a GPS device?

The rules do not prohibit the use of GPS devices on the event.

However, the rules do state you must carry the relevant maps and compass and know how to use them. So whilst you will not be disqualified for carrying and using the GPS you can not use it as an excuse to not carry the maps and compass.

Obviously we can not test everyone’s knowledge in this area, should your batteries run out or the device get damaged, we at least know you have a reliable backup to get you to safety.

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