20/01/2022 – We have now assessed the rules and any changes are shown in red.


a) Entries must be made through the online entry system on the Fellsman website and ALL the information requested must be supplied. Incomplete entry submissions may be rejected.

b) Payment should be made online where possible through the PayPal system (a PayPal account is not required). In the event that payment cannot be made using this system, cheques and Postal Orders should be crossed and must be made payable to ‘The Fellsman’.

c) The individual winners of last year’s trophies will be invited to defend their respective trophies and will be allocated a place on the event on receipt of their completed entry form and fee, prior to the closing date.


a) Be aged 18 or over on the day of the event;

b) Register at the start before 08.00 hours on the day of the event;

c) Pass through, be registered and have their tally scanned and clipped at all the checkpoints in the correct order, including the start. Entrants are responsible for ensuring that their tally is scanned and clipped in the correct space;

d) Be aware that, although the rule for mandatory grouping has been removed with the introduction of trackers, the committee reserve the right to reintroduce the grouping rule at any point of the event should they deem it necessary for the safety of the entrants. As before each individual is responsible for being properly equipped for the duration of the event in exposed terrain at the end of April.

Each individual and team is responsible for being properly equipped for the duration of the event in exposed terrain at the end of April. The list specified in rules 3 to 5 below should be seen as a minimum requirement only.  Check the weather forecast, and use your previous experience and sound judgement to determine the kit you should be wearing and carrying. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any competitors who, in their opinion, do not have the necessary kit to survive in an emergency situation. Cotton clothing is not suitable, so jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. are not permitted!


This must satisfy the requirements of the Equipment Check Officer. The criteria are as follows:

a) Must be in first class condition. Footwear which is misshapen or excessively worn will not be accepted;

b) Must have been manufactured for the purpose of fell walking, fell or trail running. Plimsolls, Road Running training shoes, etc. will not be accepted.

4. CLOTHING (to be worn or carried)

***Please note the rules regarding clothing were altered in 2017.***

***In particular pay attention to changes to Rules 4c and 4e***


a) Entrants must wear or carry 2 pairs of full length trousers (including 1 pair of fully waterproof overtrousers, preferably brightly coloured).  Both pairs must be manufactured for fell walking or fell/trail running. Substantial trousers are acceptable although tracksuit trousers and/or denim will not be accepted.

b) Shorts/three-quarter length legwear may be worn providing the 2 full-length  items of legwear in rule 4a are also carried/worn to comply with night grouping rules.

Upper body wear:

c) A total of 5 long-sleeved tops must be worn or carried.  These must comprise of: 1 fleece / down (or similar synthetic material) layer; 1 waterproof jacket with hood (preferably brightly coloured); 1 base layer and 2 tops of choice for further layering. Please note that it can become extremely cold overnight and warm layers are essential – please do not skimp to save room/weight.

d) A warm hat and gloves or mittens. The organisers advise that a spare hat and pair of gloves should be carried.

e) To ensure spare clothing remains dry until required, all spare clothing needs to be sealed in a drysack.


a) A personal First-Aid Kit with minimum contents; 1 crepe bandage, 4 safety pins, 1 wound dressing, 6 adhesive dressings.

b) A suitable traditional torch or LED head torch. Pen-lights and miniature torches are not acceptable.

c) A full spare set of alkaline batteries and a spare bulb where appropriate for above torch.

d) A whistle.

e) A mug and spoon/spork.

f) Maps. EITHER Ordnance Survey OS Explorer OL2 and OL30 OR Harvey Outdoor Maps Dales West & South OR 50th Anniversary Fellsman map. Details of older maps are available on the website. Strip maps or photocopied/printed map sections alone are not acceptable.

g) A ‘Silva’-type compass and knowledge of how to use it in conjunction with the map. Whilst GPS may be used, a compass MUST be carried.

h) Emergency rations – energy-giving food of your choice. The minimum required is 300g. These rations are not to be eaten en-route, except in an emergency, after which the entrant will be retired.

i) Survival bag. This must have been manufactured for this purpose. Survival blankets or sheets will not be accepted.

j) An emergency hooded, foil hypothermia poncho.

k) All equipment should be contained in a rucksack or equivalent.


a) Receiving outside assistance of any kind, including food, drink, pacing and the replacement of equipment by any means;

b) The transferring of places. In the event of any entrant being unable to compete, the Event Administrator must be informed. Fees will be refunded up to 18th March 2022, less a small administration charge. After this date no refunds will be given;

c) In the event that the grouping rule is reinstated due to safety concerns, failing to maintain compact groups of entrants after these have been formed as per rule 2d. Each member of the group must be within both sight and sound of all members of that group. Failure to maintain groups will result in disqualification of the WHOLE group;

d) Failing to wear or carry the specified equipment at all times, including footwear;

e) Losing their tally or damaging the RFID chip so that it is rendered unusable;

f) Failing to comply with the rules to the satisfaction of the organising committee.

g) Failing to comply with the organising committee’s instructions (or those of their designated representatives, including any official medical personnel) at any stage during the event.


a) Entrants who wish to retire can only do so at a roadside checkpoint. They MUST be checked in prior to relinquishing their tally to the Checkpoint Officer.

b) Entrants will be required to retire, if in the opinion of a Checkpoint Officer or other official, they are unfit to continue the event, thus endangering themselves and others.

c) Entrants will be required to retire if they arrive at a checkpoint after the official time limit for that checkpoint.


a) The organising committee’s decision is final and no responsibility for any mishap or injury sustained during the event can be accepted.

b) The right to incorporate additional rules as deemed necessary is retained. These will be on display at the start.

c) It is a legal requirement that you supply your date of birth on the entry form. Failure to do so will result in your entry being returned.

d) WARNING – Failure to enter before 18th March 2022 could jeopardise the event. Insufficient entries received before this date may result in cancellation of the event.


THE ENTRY SYSTEM: Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Entries will be charged an entry fee of £75. The entry fee includes: hire of tracking equipment for the duration of the event; a pdf of the event handbook (paper copy if requested); your iconic Fellsman tally; a commemorative item of clothing/equipment; hot food and refreshments around the route; transport from checkpoints back to Threshfield in the event of retirement; camping facilities at Threshfield; car parking at Threshfield; a hot meal on your return to Threshfield; all P&P as required. It also includes a £1 donation to the Friends of the Three Peaks Campaign.. Unsuccessful applicants will have their fees returned.

KIT CHECK: In order to speed up checking in at the start it is advised that entrants have their kit checked prior to the event where possible. Kit check will be available at Threshfield from 19:00 until 22:00 hours on the Friday night. For those unable to attend this session kit checks will be made at the start on Saturday morning between 06:00 and 08:00 hours. Entrants are advised to leave plenty of time as the start will be very busy.

THE START: The start is from Ingleton Community Centre at 08:30 hours on the 30th April 2022. Tea/coffee/biscuits etc. are available for purchase. Please note the 08:30 start time. Latecomers will not be permitted to start.

CAMPING: In order to allow the event to run safely, the decision has been made to not offer accommodation in the school hall as in previous years. Instead, we have secured the use of an adjacent field in which to camp free of charge. Toilet facilities will be provided, and showers will be available to use in the school as before. No parking is permitted within the camping field; parking is limited to the entrants’ car park at Threshfield Old Quarry. A free shuttle bus operates between the car park and the school. Camper vans can be accommodated in the Threshfield Old Quarry car park as before, where toilet facilities will also be available.

PRE-EVENT MEALS: Entrant supper on Friday evening only will be available from 20:00 to 22:00 hours and breakfast will be served from 04:45 hours on Saturday morning. Both meals must be ordered and paid for with your entry.

CARS: Entrant who wish to bring their cars should take them to the entrants’ car park at Threshfield Old Quarry. A free shuttle bus operates between the car park and the school. There are no facilities for parking any other vehicle in the vicinity of the school. Any entrants’ vehicles arriving at Ingleton cannot be taken to Threshfield by any of the Fellsman staff. Please Note: car parking at Ingleton is limited Pay and Display parking only.

TRANSPORT: Coaches will leave Threshfield periodically from 5:30am prompt on Saturday. The fare is £10 payable with your entry fee. Upon booking/check-in on Friday night at Threshfield, you will be notified of your allocated time slot. Seats must be reserved. Transport is not provided from Threshfield to Ingleton on the Sunday.

EXTRA EQUIPMENT: All entrants must bring their own tents, sleeping bags, spare clothing, soap, towel, etc. These will be taken to the finish and will be available on your arrival, where there are toilets and showers available. To help in packing and transportation, this equipment should be in holdalls.

EVENT CATERING: Vegetarian options are available for all meals and all checkpoints – please check the vegetarian option box on the entry form if you would like to order these. If you have a special dietary requirement please get in touch to discuss options. All the checkpoints en route that serve hot food will have a hot gluten-free option (even if only cuppa soup!) – please see handbook for details.

TALLIES: The tally is your personal and safety check card and will be marked and scanned at each checkpoint around the route. Tallies must not be bent as this may damage the electronic chip which, if rendered unusable, will result in disqualification (see rule 6e).

INSURANCE: The organisers do not arrange personal insurance cover. Entrants are advised to take out their own personal accident insurance cover.

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