Instructions to Entrants

20/01/2022 – We have now assessed the rules and any changes are shown in red.

Please note the following:

  1. No waiting time will be allowed whilst taking refreshments or resting at any checkpoint.
  2. If wishing to retire, an entrant must register as usual at the next roadside checkpoint and announce their intention to retire. The entrant’s tally will be retained by the Checkpoint Officer, who will arrange for the transportation of all retirees to the finish.
  3. Retirements may only be made at roadside checkpoints.
  4. No entrant, having retired and surrendered his or her tally, will be allowed subsequently to continue the event.
  5. Having retired, any entrant wishing to withdraw from the event must advise the Checkpoint Officer of this intention and sign a Statement of Withdrawal. Once an entrant has withdrawn, the facilities of the event, (including return transport), will no longer be available them. No entrant may leave the event until they have either registered at the finish or signed a Statement of Withdrawal – to do so will result in a search and the mobilisation of the fell rescue services.
  6. Dogs are not permitted on the Fellsman.

Time Limits

So that the event can finish in reasonable time on the Sunday, anyone arriving at the following checkpoints after the time stated, will be compulsorily retired:


Hill Inn11:30
Fleet Moss03:30
Park Rash08:30


Entrants are reminded that the receiving of assistance from spectators will result in disqualification. Observers with authority to disqualify will be positioned around the route, especially in those areas where assistance is known to be given.

Emergency Rations

Entrants are advised to carry a personal supply of food in addition to the emergency rations specified in rule 5(h). It is important that the quantity of these rations being carried, remains at all times sufficient to satisfy this rule. This rule applies until an entrant either finishes or retires from the event. Spot checks will be made to ensure that all the specified equipment, including emergency rations, is being carried. Failure to produce the required quantity will result in disqualification.

If Lost

If you are unable to determine your position, (by reviewing a résumé of your route), attempt to get off high and/or exposed ground. As you reduce altitude, the temperature will increase and the wind will become less severe. There is a much better chance of finding both help and shelter in the bottom of a valley. On reaching safety you must telephone Event Control and report your position. Do not ring 999 unless there is a serious emergency. If you then wish to abandon the event, transport will be arranged to collect you and return you to the finish


If one of your group suffers an accident, keep calm and take immediate action to avoid another accident. Assess the injury and restart breathing, stop any serious bleeding and immobilise fractures, as required. Protect the casualty from the weather and insulate them from the cold. Reassure the casualty and treat for shock. Remember that all members of the group are now at risk of hypothermia. Send for help as outlined below.


Should one of your party begin to show signs of hypothermia, do not continue, but stop and take shelter. Insulate the casualty in warm clothes and a survival bag, and feed with easily digested foods. Reassure the casualty and guard against other members of the party falling victim. Remember, in cases of exposure, do not rub the casualty or administer alcohol.

Sending For Help

If a rescue party has to be summoned, make your location as noticeable as possible by using torches, whistles, brightly coloured garments etc. as markers. Do not leave the casualty alone. If necessary, enlist the assistance of other entrants to supplement your numbers. Send two experienced persons for help. Write a message for them to deliver when they arrive, containing the names and tally numbers of all members of the group, the time the accident happened, the grid reference of the casualty’s location and details of the severity of the injury.

Advised Further Reading

All competitors are advised to read a copy of ‘Mountain Rescue and Cave Rescue’ issued by the Mountain Rescue Committee. Also ‘Safety on Mountains’ published by the British Mountaineering Council. These publications contain useful notes on mountain safety and deal with mountain accidents as well as information on First Aid exposure.

In the event that Grouping is reinstated the following will apply:

Grouping cards will be issued to each group by staff at the roadside checkpoint at which the group is formed. This card details the tally numbers of all entrants in the group and must be presented on arrival at all subsequent roadside checkpoints, until the group is disbanded. At dawn, (weather permitting), a Checkpoint Officer will disband the group and punch each entrant’s tally to denote official de-grouping. Loss of a grouping card will result in a delay whilst the composition of the group is confirmed. No waiting time will be allocated in this instance.

All competitors will be required to form groups of four, minimum, when arriving at the following checkpoints on or after the times stated below:

Checkpoint Time
Dent 18:00
Stonehouse 18:00
Redshaw 18:30
Fleet Moss 19:00
Cray 19:00
Park Rash 19:00

Please note: The times listed are the revised times which were applied in 2015 to take account of the reduced daylight hours caused by the event being held earlier in the year and the forcasted adverse weather conditions and are purely for information.

Please note the following:

  1. The organisers reserve the right to vary both the time of grouping and the time of de-grouping, in accordance with the weather conditions.
  2. When arriving at one of the listed checkpoints (under the heading GROUPING, below) at or after the time shown, entrants must form into groups of at least four. This time may be brought forward if, in the opinion of the Checkpoint Officer, the local weather conditions necessitate it. If less than four entrants arrive at a checkpoint after this time, Waiting Time will be accrued (to be subtracted from your total walking time) until a fourth entrant arrives. The forming of a group will be detailed on a Grouping Card, which must be presented at each roadside checkpoint. These groups must be maintained until disbanded by a Checkpoint Officer. Please remember that shorts may not be worn whilst this rule, (2d), applies.
  3. In the event of an accident, the group is responsible for any injured person. Additional waiting time may, at the discretion of the organisers, be allocated in such an instance.

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