February Updates: Read all about it!!

Hello… Just an update from us, with just over 2 months to go until Fellsman 2017 event, wow, this year is going quickly!

We’re hoping the snow on the hills (seen here at the location of the Redshaw checkpoint) will be a distant memory before the 55th Fellsman is upon us!

Places still available…

First of all, we still have some places available for anybody who may want to experience the Fellsman for themselves.  If you are still in two minds about entering why not give it a whirl. Can you think of a better way to spend a May Day bank holiday weekend..? Don’t answer that! Go on, what’s the worse that can happen…

You can download our 2017 flyer with more information. Please pass it on to anyone who might be interested.

Handbooks coming soon…

For those who have already entered, you will be receiving your handbook and entry information in the post in the next few weeks.  Please note that there is a lot of important information in the handbook about the rules, route and kit requirements. Also this year take note of the updated points to observe and new chop times, which have been amended ahead of this year’s event: please read it carefully.

Sports Sunday in attendance…

During this year’s Fellsman we are lucky to have Sports Sunday, who will be popping up along the routes taking photographs to record the full experience of the weekend.  Photos will be available afterwards through them – more details to follow.

New parking arrangements at Threshfield…

If you have joined us on the event in previous years you will know the challenges we have with parking at the school at Threshfield HQ.  This year we have secured hard-standing parking just outside the village (approx 10 mins walk).  The aim of this is to reduce the number of cars parking on the roadside and around the school, as we have received complaints from local residents and the parish council who are concerned about access for emergency vehicles.

We would be very grateful if you could cooperate with us by not parking on the roadsides, and making use of these new parking facilities.  We will be running transport on Friday evening until approx. 10pm, then again at regular intervals from Saturday evening through to Sunday early afternoon.  However, we are currently unable to provide transport from the car park to Threshfield HQ on Saturday morning, so please ensure you have everything you need with you on Friday night before your return to HQ at the end of the event. For those arriving on Saturday morning to use the trasnport to the start, please allow yourselves time to get to the school from the car park.

More details on the new parking arrangements are given in the handbook.

And finally…

Finally please respect our request to not undertake full reccies of the routes as we only have access permission from the landowners for the weekend of the event.

Good luck with your preparation and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Important Committee Announcement – Please read

Unfortunately, as is often the way with introducing new technology, we have encountered a teething problem with our new entry form software. We have been made aware of a problem with the submission of online entry forms. Don’t panic, all the received entries are in the system and nothing is lost. The problem is that for the first 200 entries we received the form software negelected to display the field to enter your date of birth, which is a critical bit of info, and required by our insurance. (In all our testing pre-launch not one person noticed it was missing!)

In order to rectify the problem we will be sending an email to all those affected containing a link to a secure page where you can enter your name, date of birth and the email address you used to register on the event. We will then automatically merge the date of birth into the entry form we have, based on matching name and email. If you entered more than one entry using the same email address then you will only receive one email, but you can visit the DOB update page more than once to enter the information for each entry.

We hope that this will cause you the least inconvenience and will lessen the chance for human error in updating your entry form.

The notification emails are being sent from a new dedicated admin email account (eventadmin@fellsman.org.uk). Please check your spam folder in case it has ended up there by accident and consider adding this address to your ‘safe’ list, as future important Fellsman announcements made via email will also come from this account. This account will not however, be used for day-to-day correspondence and checked only infrequently, so please address any enquiries to the usual Fellsman address.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and we can only apologise again for the inconvenience this will cause.
The Fellsman Committee

Entries for the 55th Fellsman are now open!

January 1st… and you know what that means. The Fellsman rollercoaster is starting once again!

Online entries are now open!

Although we are always keen to keep the event as inexpensive as possible, this year we have made the decision to raise the entry fee to £40.
We have done this for two reasons:

  • Firstly, as you are well aware, the cost of everything is going up and we have had to account for this in the pricing of this year’s event;
  • Secondly, following the poll on the website and on our Facebook page and group, it was clear that the  majority of voters (in the region of 85%) were keen to receive some form of commemorative item to mark the event. As we no longer have sponsorship to cover the costs of this we have decided to add £3-4 onto the entry fee to allow us to source one ourselves.

Even with the increase we still believe the Fellsman is one of the best value events around. Your entry fee includes:

  • a souvenir handbook;
  • your iconic Fellsman tally;
  • a commerative item of clothing/equipment;
  • hot food and refreshments around the route;
  • transport from checkpoints back to Threshfield in the event of retirement;
  • car parking at Threshfield;
  • a hot meal on your return to Threshfield;
  • all P&P as required.

It also includes a £1 donation to the Friends of the Three Peaks Campaign to support their work conserving the footpaths over Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough.

This year we have updated our entry form and contact form software and hope it will be easier to use. And, as reported in our previous post, we have taken steps to add additional security measures to the site to protect your personal data whilst sumbitting your entry form. Please let us know if you have any issues via our Contact Us page, the Facebook page, or email direct to event@fellsman.org.uk.

If you require a postal entry, please contact us for a downloadable pdf copy of the form.

Thank you for reading, we are looking forward to receiving your entries and welcoming you on this year’s 55th Fellmsan!

The Fellsman Committee

Important Update: We have identified that, due to an error in PayPal set-up, the entry fee has been charged at £41 rather than the advertised £40 for those entering between 00:01 and 15:20 on the 1st Jan 2017. We can only apologise sincerely for this mistake, made due to a last minute decision to absorb the PayPal administration charges we incur (and have previously covered by an Online entry surcharge) in the Entry Fee price. Those affected can collect a £1 cash refund at the start of the event or request a PayPal refund by email. Any unclaimed refunds will be donated to the Friends of the Three Peaks.

Important Upgrade to Fellsman Website Security

We hope you all had a relaxing Christmas and have the extra mince pie calories figured into your training regime.

We have been hard at work between the Christmas pudding, mince pies and trifle and have taken steps to apply an SSL certificate to the website. This ensures all interaction with the website is secure between your browser and our server. We have done this to increase the protection of your personal data on submission of entries and correspondance via the Contact Us page.

You should not have to do anything (our server is configured to force all links to migrate transparently), but you should now see a padlock next to the address bar on your browser. We have tested access to the site using Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge without any issues

Please let us know via the Contact Us page or the fellsman email event@fellsman.org.uk if you do encounter any problems.

We look forward to receiveing your entries on the 1st!

Hello everybody….. it’s that time again

and-so-it-beginsHello everybody….. it’s that time again.  Our committee is formed and we are now actively planning the 2017 event and we have news to share with you.

Firstly, the event date has been confirmed as Saturday, 29th & Sunday, 30th April 2017.  This year, this falls on the May Bank Holiday, which will enable all of us, entrants and staff to have a rest day on Monday, 1st May.

We are delighted to confirm that once again, Patagonia have agreed to be our main sponsor, which hopefully means that Worn Wear will be in attendance to provide “running repairs” (sorry, we couldn’t resist), and breathe new life into worn but well-loved garments.

We are looking into providing commemorative clothing for all entrants on the event; however it is probable that we would need to make a small increase in entrance fee to cover additional costs.  Do you think this is something you would be interested in receiving as part of your event experience?  We’d love to hear your views and suggestions.  Please vote in the poll below or feel free to email us or contact us via this site or our Facebook page.

Those of you who are veterans of the event will know the struggle we have with car parking every year.  We are currently looking into options to provide better parking for the event and will hopefully have an update on this in future news items.

Finally, just to remind you, online entries will open on the 1st January 2017, somewhat scarily this is only just over 4 weeks away!!!!

The 55th Fellsman 2017…

Well, we find ourselves bringing another Fellsman year to a close, which once again seems to have come round stupidly fast… With the end of one year comes the traditional last meeting of the committee where the ‘Lick and stick’ (as it is traditionally known) takes place and envelopes are filled with the hallowed punched tallies and certificates to return to entrants; these are now in the post and should be with you shortly.

And so begins the start of another Fellsman year! The committee traditionally allow ourselves a month off before work starts in earnest preparing for the next event but as we know we are all busy people, we thought it best to give you all as much advance notice of the provisional Fellsman date for 2017: Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April.

We know that this is Bank Holiday weekend and feel we must explain the reasons for our choice (which are not to do with having the Monday off work although that will be a definite bonus!). As many of you know, various land management agencies operating in the area forbid us to cross their land between May and the beginning of October as this is ground-nesting bird season and they do not want the birds and nests disturbing. This limits us to holding the event between October and April. Most of the remaining months are not options due to shortened daylight and poor weather and so we have few weekends to choose from. Add to this that Easter interferes (the weekend of 15th / 16th April) and that, as a Scouting organisation, we cannot hold the Fellsman on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd as it is St George’s Day (one of the most important events in the Scouting calendar) and we’re pretty much left with the weekend we’ve chosen. So, we really hope that you will be able to work something out to join us on a hopefully sunny weekend in April to take part in the 55th Fellsman.

So for now, the current committee would like to sincerely thank you for your attendance / hard work / support of our event. The new committee will form at the July meeting from which point planning will begin in earnest for the event we all know and love….

Suzanne Carter, Event Organiser 2016.

2016 Results now up

Last man walking... The master check boards at Threshfield HQ

Last man walking…
The master check boards at Threshfield HQ

Just a quick post to let you know that the results for the 54th Fellsman can now be found on the 2016 page in the Results section. The times given are provisional and may change slightly. We have also posted the split times for the checkpoints recorded by the Felltrack system.

Your certificates and tallies will be sent out the week beginning the 10th May. We know you would like them sooner but that was the first week the Committee could meet and stuff envelopes!

Those of you who have ordered prints should receive them next week. We now have the prints from the printer and it is just a matter of getting them parcelled up and sent out.

Finally, we would like to say a massive thank you to Dave Nichols and Joe Faulkner for stepping in at the eleventh hour and taking on the Capplestone Gate checkpoint with about 12 hours notice.

Urgent plea for help…

Urgent headerFirst an urgent plea for help…

We are short of helpers at the Yarnbury checkpoint and more critically we are desperate for someone to help at the Capplestone Gap checkpoint where we are currently single manned. If you can help please get in touch asap.

And so it begins…

Staff and competitors are busy making those last minute preparations for this weekend’s Fellsman. We wish you all a safe journey to the Yorkshire Dales.

It looks like we might be contending with the usual Fellsman weather i.e. a little bit of everything according to the Met office. The start should be dry (for a change) but there will be a cold wind and there is snow forecast on the tops. Overnight looks dry but the wind chill will mean temperatures overnight will be in the region of -6ºC to -10ºC. More than ever we would like to draw your attention to this excellent guide of how to spot hypothermia and how to avoid it.

There are places available on the day so if you fancy a last minute entry there is still time. Online entries have closed but we will take entries on the day at Ingleton and this evening at Threshfield.


Free Repairs! Patagonia is bringing Worn Wear to the Fellsman!

As individual consumers, the single best thing we can do for the planet is to keep our stuff in use longer. This simple act of extending the life of our garments through proper care and repair reduces the need to buy more over time—thereby avoiding the CO2 emissions, waste output and water usage required to build it.

WW mapv2Free Repairs! Patagonia’s Worn Wear is hitting the road across Europe from April 15th and will be making a stop at the Fellsman at Threshfield HQ on Sunday 17th April from 10am – 4pm.

Come visit the van located close to the finish of The Fellsman at the Upper Wharfedale School in Threshfield, for free repairs on your busted zippers, rips, tears, buttons and more (we fix all brands). We’ll also show you how to make simple repairs on clothes that have a second life left in them.
*Fine print: our tour staff can fix about 20 garments per day, all repairs are made on a first come, first served basis. One repair per guest.

Visit the Worn Wear Home Page on the Patagonia site

Check out all #WornWear dates and locations on the Patagonia Facebook event page:

Keeping the traffic down – why not try lift sharing to this year’s Fellsman?

race share header

This year we are using a car sharing website developed by a runner that aims to save you money, and reduce the carbon footprint of the event:



We would be most grateful if EVERYONE coming to the Fellsman race could try out the site (even if you don’t expect to car share). It only takes a minute and is completely free to use. As well as saving you petrol money, it will ease the parking headaches for us at the event.

Also, just a reminder that if you have already entered and have decided you would like to book a supper on the Friday night, breakfast on Saturday morning or transport from Threshfield to Ingleton for the event start on Saturday morning it is not too late. you can book via the Adding Extras to Existing Entry page.

Keep checking back for more updates over the next few days.