2013 Statistics

  • 503 Entrants entered the event
  •   60 Non-starters (plus 41 who withdrew prior to the event)
  • 402 Started the event
  •   95 Entrants retired or voluntarily withdrew from the event
  •     1  Entrant was disqualified for rule infringement
  • 306 Entrants finished the event.

Trophy Winners For The 51st Event (2013)

  • The winner of the Fellsman Axe is Adam Perry with a time of 10 hrs 34 minutes.
  • The winner of the Jim Nelson Trophy is Nicky Spinks with a time of 12 hrs 36 minutes.
  • The winner of the Levy Trophy is Darron Howarth of All Saint’s Dorset with a time of 13 hrs 29 minutes.
  • The winner of the Tregoning Cup is Kim Collison with a time of 10 hrs 59 minutes.
  • The winner of the County Commissioners Tankard is Peter Stobbs in a time of 12 hrs 36 minutes.
  • The winner of the Great Knoutberry Trophy is Terry Butterworth in a time of 16 hrs 28 minutes.
  • The winners of the Scout team trophy, the Fellsman Shield were 25th Huddersfield Northern Star Explorers. The team members were Michael Bottom, Robert Yorke and John Nunn with a combined time of 68 hours 48 minutes
  • The winners of the team trophy, the Service Trophy, were Conehead and the Barbarians. The team members were Adam Perry, Ian Phillips, Stuart Walker, Christopher Perry, Matt Neale and Jamie Lawler with a combined time of 32 hrs 34 minutes.
  • The winners of the Lumbutts Mill Trophy, were the Silver Shufflers. The team members were Peter Stobbs, Kevin Perry, Neil Ridsdale, Chris Hare and Jess Palmer with a combined time of 39 hrs 02 minutes.
  • The Mike Wooding Memorial Trophy is a nominated award given to an individual hiker or support volunteer who typifies Mike’s love for the challenge of the Fellsman and who has performed something exceptional and noteworthy during the event. The winner in 2012 was Nicholas Granville who was nominated by Don Thieme for his exemplary leadership skills during the extreme weather conditions experienced on the 50th event helping a group of entrants some of whom were suffering the effects of hypothermia.

Entrants Completing 51st Fellsman

PositionNameTeamEntrant NumberTime
1Adam PerryConehead and the Barbarians22810:34
2Ian PhillipsConehead and the Barbarians28210:35
3Kim CollisonTeam Mountain Hardwear11510:59
4Stuart WalkerConehead and the Barbarians10311:25
5Konrad RawlikWoldsmen18411:31
6Robin Houghton03911:48
6Simon BourneCalder Valley Fell Runners37511:48
8Christopher PerryConehead and the Barbarians29111:57
9Alex PilkingtonTeam Mountain Hardwear39312:11
10Kevin HoultCalder Valley Fell Runners29612:24
10Alan Billington49512:24
12Adam WorralloThe Cunning Runts10812:33
13Mark Brooks28112:34
14Matt NealeConehead and the Barbarians18912:34
15Nicky Spinks00212:36
15Peter StobbsThe Silver Shufflers14712:36
17Daniel Page39912:37
18Christopher MawdsleyCalder Valley Fell Runners38912:43
18Jason Lewis46612:43
20Neil RidsdaleThe Silver Shufflers/Woldsmen40012:50
21Tom Hollins17512:55
22Ed Melbourne05412:56
22Rick Clark08512:56
24Andrew Findley07313:29
24Darron Howarth08113:29
24Lawrence Eccles09713:29
24Martin HuddlestonCalder Valley Fell Runners26213:29
28Saul Taylor16913:35
29Kevin PerryThe Silver Shufflers18113:36
30Chris Howard27513:38
31Anthony Gerundini49013:40
32Rick Air29213:53
33Tom GomersallThe Cunning Runts29813:54
34John Knapp23313:58
35Graham Cooke04714:15
35Jamie LawlerConehead and the Barbarians27814:15
37Tim Whittaker11914:16
38Dan ShrimptonWoldsmen09314:18
38Daniel Hendriksen36714:18
40Mark Liptrot08614:21
41Paul Bennett34914:36
42Toby Smithson12814:39
42Andrew Horrobin46714:39
44Carol Morgan13914:40
45Andrew NicollThe Cunning Runts26514:46
46Peter Wilkie11714:47
47Karen NashTeam Krypton16115:13
47Chris HareThe Silver Shufflers33815:13
49Barry Awan01615:15
50Tom Keely13715:17
50Mark Grover37315:17
50Paul Hindle44715:17
53John Nicholson28815:20
53Dominic Pascoe33115:20
53Luke Fradsham42015:20
56Benjamin Wolstenholme19715:33
56Thomas Roberts28615:33
56John Minta41715:33
59Gregory Crowley07815:37
60David Lucas14915:52
60Martin Gardiner32015:52
60Ian Davies32415:52
60Linn Erixon Sahlstrom33215:52
64David Dixon00816:00
64Andy Jackson05816:00
64Geoff Clarke28416:00
64Michael Mallen36016:00
64Roger Taylor49416:00
69Noel Hogan38816:02
70Ben Taylor12316:03
70Bernard Burke26116:03
72Jess PalmerThe Silver Shufflers18016:05
72Neil Cooney21116:05
72Roy Gardner38116:05
75James Paxman27916:06
76Allan McKeown03216:07
76Julian Brown07716:07
76Dave StephensonThe Cunning Runts24216:07
76Jack Lewis42816:07
76Jamie Hancock44016:07
81Emma David42416:10
82Terry Butterworth01116:28
83Paul Scholte02116:38
83Michael Cottam04416:38
83Adrian Shaw40516:38
86Brian Stallwood12716:42
87Catriona Purdy14417:07
87Richard Andrews43817:07
89Ted Adamski17117:14
89Stefan Adamski17217:14
91Andy Joynson00617:15
91Anthony EmmetTeam Mountain Hardwear03317:15
91Amanda Calvert22017:15
91Steve Wathall29017:15
91Garry Traviss30417:15
91Kevin Smith39117:15
97Ian Hodge37117:20
98Mark Rees41017:21
99Anthony Hall06217:25
99Jim Garside26817:25
101Sarah Booth05117:44
101Andy Norman05217:44
101Martin Lea09617:44
101Simon Redshaw16317:44
101Martyn Hewitt22417:44
101Gary Bradley35817:44
107Allison Skillicorn15218:02
108Martin Hancock10918:03
108Linda MurgatroydTeam Krypton44618:03
110Jackie Scarf33518:04
111Bernard Corfe06918:11
112Seth Kennard28718:22
113Richard Garland09918:26
113Helen Price14318:26
113Carmine De Grandis23218:26
116Mark Dalton20118:28
116Duncan Platt32618:28
118Jonathan Steele24018:29
119Ian Goodenough02018:31
119Kevin Easley09118:31
119Mark Robinson10018:31
119Martyn Price14218:31
119Guy Mawson35918:31
119Peter Gilbert39818:31
119Brian McCready44318:31
126Alex Batchelor32718:32
126Colin Searle41618:32
128Gareth Fish09518:33
128Christopher Ross43318:33
130Chris Knight06818:38
130Geoff Capps09218:38
132David Barnes03118:39
132Ian Harryman34418:39
132Paul Hatwell48518:39
135Stuart Hurst05618:40
136David Binns03518:42
137Russell Thomas02518:45
137Dave Deason12218:45
137Sam Simpson38018:45
140Richard Jarvis07918:46
140Michael Smith24518:46
142Simon Franklin16718:48
143Geoff Perry27418:51
144Nick Kelly27018:52
144Andy Houseman30218:52
144Paul Raistrick31018:52
144Anthony Cooper41918:52
148Mick Kenyon20018:53
148Sally OzanneTeam Mountain Hardwear40618:53
150Mark Pearce39219:11
150Brent Lindsay50019:11
152Alan Wright42219:12
153Stewart Kemp44419:13
154John WoottonThe Motley Crew13119:15
154Trevor Misson20219:15
154Yannick Peron46119:15
154Matthew Bowness46419:15
158Rachael Gooberman-Hill09419:18
158Mark ZirbserBilly two mates31119:18
158Sam ScottBilly two mates37019:18
158Paul ScottBilly two mates41519:18
162Stephen McAllister06519:38
162Alison Brind08719:38
162David Purdy28519:38
162Nick HamTeam Krypton31819:38
162Stephen Taylor32319:38
167Stuart Blofeld20519:45
168Chris Longstaff27619:50
169Kevin Scallan37919:57
170Neil SmithThe Motley Crew14019:58
170Clare SmithThe Motley Crew14119:58
170Rachael SharplesThe Motley Crew17719:58
170Jenn Gaskell35319:58
174Philip Sturgeon40120:01
175Willy Kitchen10220:22
176Martin Payne18220:31
176Simon Atkins47420:31
176Ana Garcia49120:31
179David Hindley01220:34
179Stephen Hall13320:34
179Tim Brook26320:34
179Ann-Marie Bulcock31220:34
179Allan Cox36220:34
184Oliver WellsSheff Boys21220:40
184Ken Wyles22620:40
184Jenny Wyles22720:40
184Garry Vernon49220:40
184Stephen Braithwaite49320:40
189Steven Jeffs08020:41
189Andrew Shakeshaft12020:41
191Matthew BrownSheff Boys21920:42
191John Leech36920:42
191John Owen40720:42
194Andy Heading15720:43
194Steve Burgess35620:43
194Raj Madhas43420:43
194Sarah Fuller47220:43
198Philip Musson32120:47
198Tony George32820:47
198Erich Kadow33420:47
198Barry Gibson36420:47
202Joe Daniels19220:57
203Jonathan Tombs07621:06
204Russell Mabbett02721:12
204Toby Knights48621:12
206Andy Hindson07421:16
206Richard Smith09021:16
206John ParkinThe Cunning Runts13221:16
206Andy Arnold41821:16
210Martin Skelton04221:38
210Philip Elliot35421:38
212Kate Briggs24621:39
213Stephen Whitelock03021:41
213Richard Fassnidge33721:41
215Andy Hicks33621:42
216Janet Hill13821:43
217Michael Buin06321:49
217Wilfred Bell26021:49
217Andy Scaife27221:49
217Aaron Forshaw30921:49
217John Cowburn32921:49
222Sarah Jones02221:54
222Peter Little11621:54
222Stephen Littlewood15021:54
222Veronica Maynard18621:54
222Brenda Pope40321:54
227Richard Scroop01521:55
227Peter Murphy02621:55
227David Say02921:55
227Jeff Noon05321:55
231Brandon Webb06022:06
231Martin Thomerson08822:06
233Timothy Westcott03422:09
234Lucy Makinson13022:42
234Eadaoin Hutchinson30722:42
236Rebecca Fryer01722:56
236Tom Swadling10622:56
236Michael Bottom25th Huddersfield Northern Star Explorers48022:56
236Robert Yorke25th Huddersfield Northern Star Explorers48122:56
236John Nunn25th Huddersfield Northern Star Explorers48222:56
241John Wigens04823:02
241Andrew Wilson12123:02
241Simon Parsons15423:02
241John Mumford43623:02
241Mark Waldock46023:02
246Helen Mavin36323:05
247Tom Johnson40423:09
248Stephen Blackshaw34523:10
249Andrew Eyles08423:11
249Michael Laing44523:11
249Richard Vaughan45923:11
252Michael Beech12623:12
252Andrew Phillip16523:12
254Nancy Bunyan31523:15
255Jane MatthewsHere come the girls23923:19
255Marla Howard-CuttsHere come the girls29523:19
255Christine BensonHere come the girls29723:19
255Jacky ReynoldsHere come the girls34023:19
259Kevin Pearson05723:21
260William Gibson00523:24
260Richard Edwards19523:24
260Hayley Lomas19623:24
263Gregory Lambert01323:46
263Robin Bartlett01423:46
263John Pennifold23123:46
266Ralf Guscott00323:50
267Hugo Glover31423:54
268Peter Beddows37223:57
269David Gordon43724:01
270Rebecca Simms19024:25
270Beverley Holmes31724:25
270Rhys Watkins31924:25
270Jane Carpenter33024:25
270Ben Lonsdale39024:25
275Nick Webb41124:25
276Paul Mclaughlin38724:31
277John Scannell08924:32
277John Bell09824:32
279Danny Murphy19124:42
280Phil Bamforth47724:46
280Sally Bamforth47824:46
282Steve Barnsley22324:49
283Chris Harper02425:11
283Paul Holt37825:11
285Jonathan Wood03625:22
285Gareth Gummerson03725:22
285Rebecca Chesmore43025:22
285Edwin Tate48425:22
289John Dally00726:18
290Darren Wilson45026:33
290Andrew O'Malley47126:33
292Chris Heaton27126:47
292Andrew Bickerstaffe45126:47
294Peter Tristram08226:48
295Mike Hide07026:53
295David Warren19426:53
297Steve Baker05526:54
297Des Rhule40226:54
299Robin Russell02327:09
299Nicholas Granville34127:09
301Ian Gummery40827:17
302Sandra Scott25827:19
303David Priestley18327:22
303Donald Priestley18827:22
303Stephen Scott25927:22
303Brian Finlay47527:22

Did Not Complete in 2013

NameCheckpointEntrant NumberDistance
Chris CashPark Rash30350.5
John BeanCray07144.8
Jeffrey RossCray08344.8
Dylan GloverCray11344.8
John OsborneCray12444.8
Mick PlummerCray12944.8
Carl GairCray15944.8
Karl WoolhouseCray25444.8
David HouirganCray25744.8
Allan PollockCray29444.8
Ben SteelCray34644.8
Duncan SteenCray38644.8
Gordon TealCray41344.8
Dan HallCray42144.8
Jonathan Lucas-FrostCray46944.8
Jill HarsentFleetmoss05937.7
Paul FausetFleetmoss07237.7
Adrian GoslingFleetmoss16837.7
James ThurlowFleetmoss22937.7
David SykesFleetmoss24837.7
Angela WhiteFleetmoss34237.7
Simon WebbFleetmoss37637.7
Gavin ClarkFleetmoss38437.7
Robin PriceFleetmoss43237.7
Phil SmithFleetmoss43537.7
John OrmerodFleetmoss44237.7
Matt WadeFleetmoss47337.7
Lee DunnFleetmoss47637.7
Adam ChamberlainFleetmoss48737.7
Michael SkinnerRedshaw04532.1
Julian BamfordRedshaw06432.1
Dave OttewellRedshaw10132.1
Emma KeyRedshaw10432.1
Peter WoodRedshaw10532.1
Jonathan BoxshallRedshaw15832.1
Gareth WilliamsRedshaw17432.1
Sandy GeeRedshaw22532.1
Stuart MiddlecoateRedshaw23632.1
Shahid MohammedRedshaw25232.1
Gunter PrescottRedshaw33332.1
Richard RigbyRedshaw42632.1
James ButterworthRedshaw46532.1
John A MosleyStonehouse02827.8
Chris WebbStonehouse10727.8
Peter MaiettaStonehouse11827.8
Steve AyresStonehouse16427.8
Charmain HeatonStonehouse16627.8
Paul ApplebyStonehouse17327.8
Graham PhillipsStonehouse17927.8
Matthew AtyeoStonehouse26927.8
Heather Thomas-SmithStonehouse29927.8
Sue OxleyStonehouse30027.8
Gareth HarrisonStonehouse30527.8
Greg DaviesStonehouse30627.8
Andrew StuartStonehouse35227.8
Roy MillerStonehouse36627.8
JOHN TAYLORStonehouse39427.8
Jim RogersStonehouse39727.8
Carl BeswickStonehouse47927.8
Darren GrahamStonehouse48827.8
Matt WitkoStonehouse49627.8
Andrew MoizerStonehouse49827.8
Doug CalderDent00920.5
Nick SpencerDent01920.5
Chris DaviesDent05020.5
Marie MittonDent14520.5
Harry GodsonDent14620.5
Paul HaynesDent18720.5
David WaltonDent19820.5
David GIbsonDent19920.5
David MasseyDent21020.5
Robert MawerDent21720.5
Chris CoghlanDent23020.5
David BellDent24420.5
John OwenDent25020.5
John HuntingtonDent25620.5
Richard StatonDent27720.5
David PorteousDent35020.5
Daniel GoodallDent45220.5
Don ThiemeDent45320.5
Matthew ThiemeDent45420.5
Christopher BrownDent45720.5
Tim JoynsonDent46820.5
Ben PooleDent49720.5
Joseph Aaron ReaKingsdale04012.4
Matthew HurstKingsdale04112.4
Stephen RobinsonKingsdale13612.4
Louise LucasKingsdale19312.4
Lee CobbKingsdale33912.4
Chris RaineyKingsdale34712.4
Shirley RaineyKingsdale34812.4
Stuart NelsonHill Inn0046.0
Paul WillgossHill Inn2136.0
Chris MawdsleyHill Inn2146.0
Liam ArmstrongIngleton4410.0

A pdf of split times for the event can be downloaded here

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